Lenny T. Lenox Village
I had two drafty bedrooms in my house. So I had a Comprehensive Home Energy Audit performed on my house. Josh used a blower door and duct blaster to find the source of air leaks and drafts in my house. From the results of those tests, he showed me all of the problem areas and prepared a plan to solve those problem areas. The scope of the work included repairing and sealing the duct system, adding insulation in the attic, and air seal through my house. Now I enjoy spending time in my comfortable bedrooms. Thank you Home Energy Professionals!
Autumn M. Nashboro Village
I just wanted to thank-you for the wonderful experience we had getting our home more energy efficient. Before you came we were extremely uncomfortable in our house. It was freezing in the winter and impossibly hot in the summer. Since you have come in and made the changes to our ducts, insulation and windows we have been amazed at the difference. The house is now comfortable in every room and the decrease in the utility bills is just icing on the cake. You were so very kind and informative throughout the process, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Megan P. Antioch
Josh completed a thorough energy audit that included infrared imaging and air leak tests to demonstrate multiple ways to help make our home more efficient and comfortable.  We are in the process of making changes according to Josh’s evaluation and are confident these will make a positive impact on our energy bills.  Thanks Josh!
Emily F. East Nashville
Joshua did a great job of understanding our needs, and working with us and the inspector for the TVA Energy Right program to make the appropriate upgrades to our home efficiency system and get final approval for our Nashville Energy Works incentives.  Joshua went above and beyond, and helped us solve problems that we’ve been having that weren’t even included on our energy evaluation from Energy Right.  He thoroughly explained the steps that would be taken and discussed the schedule with us prior to the work being completed.  The Home Energy Professionals stuck to the quoted budget, and were timely and professional throughout the process.  I look… (read more)
JoAnna R. Brentwood Area
We built our house 7 yrs ago and have had cooling/heating issues upstairs from day 1, especially in our family/bonus room.  Very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter!  Finally decided to do something about it, were concerned the answer might be very expensive... We were pleasantly surprised at how little it cost to correct the problem! We now have a very comfortable home with little expense with absolutely no inconvenience during the process. We are saving money each month on our utilities, amazing!  This decision was a no-brainer! Thank you Home Energy Professionals, you truly lived up to… (read more)
James C. Local business owner
I recently had a consultation with one of your employees from Home Energy Professionals come to my law office.  I was looking for ways to conserve energy, but yet keep my employees, staff and clients comfortable.  The plan presented by Home Energy Professionals not only helped us conserve energy, but conserve water as well which was something I had not even considered.  The LED Lights and Programmable Thermostats are a great improvement and I can already see a difference in my energy bill.   Thank you Home Energy Professionals.   Jim
Tonya B. Local homeowner
I just wanted to say thank you for your recent work.  I was very surprised at the results of the energy audit you performed on our residence.  Your audit revealed missing insulation in our bedroom as well as air leakage around the can lights throughout our home.  We were truly impressed with the audit.  We are looking forward to Home Energy Professions retrofitting our home and the savings we anticipate seeing in our future electric bills. Again, thank you for your attention to the details!