HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Ratings

Have you ever wondered how efficient your home was, but just never knew how to compare it to an energy efficient home?

Now you can know!

By gaining a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Rating, you will be able to compare your home's efficiency to a standard new home of the same shape and size. This will allow you to see how efficient your place of living is, allowing you to make improvements.

How do I calculate my home's HERS Rating?

To calculate a home's HERS Rating, we will come to your house and enter data about your home into RESNET Accredited Rating Software. The software then compares your house to an "imaginary" home of the same shape and size, whose HERS score would be 100. For every 1 percent more efficient your home is than the imaginary home, your HERS score is deducted 1 point. Conversely, for every 1 percent less efficient your home is than the imaginary home, your HERS score is added 1 point. The lower the score, the more efficient your home is.

While many believe that they need to buy a new home in order to achieve maximal energy efficiency, this is simply not true. In fact, the minimum-certified ENERGY STAR certified home — which meets strict guidelines for energy efficiency — achieves a HERS score of 85, while a standard new home with standard materials has an average score of 100. The age of your house is not as much of a discriminatory factor as you might think; regardless of your home's age, you can do lots to achieve energy efficiency. 

Why should I know my home's HERS Rating?

  • You can find out about places that are leaking away money. Doors and windows often seem to be functioning fine, but your money can be going literally right out the window. Your lights may look bright, but they may dim your optimism when you get your energy bill. There are many things that seem to be in order but are really wasting you money.
  • You can increase your home's resale value. An ENERGY STAR certification can be a deal maker in today's competitive economy. By calculating your HERS Rating, you can make improvements to improve energy efficiency that can make your house more valuable in a time where every dollar counts.
  • It can make your home more comfortable. What better reason to audit your home than to ensure your comfort and peace of mind? After all, it is your home, and if you're going to live there, you may as well ensure that you've done all you can to make it liveable!